Accessing data from parent window is very slow

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Mark P.
Nov 21, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

In my web app a child window accesses a state object on the parent window object. I found that repeated read operations on this object are very slow when compared to the same object being created on the child window directly.

I was able to create a simplified repro of the issue. Steps to repro:

  1. Extract the attached directory
  2. Browse to the Parent.htm file (I had to put the files on a local website so I could browse with “localhost” to avoid XSS errors)
  3. Click on the “Open Child” button to open the child window.
  4. In the child window, click the "Run Test on Parent Object". This traverses the data object that was created on the parent window. It will alert the time it takes to finish the traversal.
  5. Click on the “Run with Local Object” to run the same test on an object created on the child window. This test will run much faster.

I’ve found the “Run with Parent Object” test to be much slower in Edge and IE. On Chrome and Firefox there is no difference between running the loop on the child object vs the parent object.

I’ve worked around this by cloning the object to recreate it in the child window (serializing/deserializing works). I imagine I could have also used LocalStorage to transfer the data as well.


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