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Confirmed Issue #14879284 • Assigned to Bruce M.


Mark B.
Nov 29, 2017
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I have a fleet of 100 workstations running Windows 10 at my site. After upgrading to Windows 10 Version 1709 (Build 16.16299), we have several users complaining they are unable to download files, such as pdfs, etc. I’ve noticed that this issue is actually affecting ALL downloads. It seems Edge wants to save all the downloads as text files, as noted in the ‘Save As’ prompt in the download window. Resetting Edge in App Settings will fix the issue for a short time, but the issue returns seemingly randomly on its own. I’ve had to switch the majority of our machines to Chrome to avoid the issue. Several of our users enjoy Edge more than Chrome so I would like to get this figured out/fixed.


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Bruce M.”

      Changed Status to “Confirmed”

    • Same issue here. As MSP we see lots of our tenant having this issue. A reboot solves it but after a while the issue reappears. Very annoying.

      Not 100% sure, but we thing the event log is written at the moment you try to save a file in Edge (sorry, evenlog is Dutch)

      Naam van toepassing met fout: MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe, versie: 11.0.16299.15, tijdstempel: 0x59cda7cd
      Naam van module met fout: win32u.dll, versie: 10.0.16299.15, tijdstempel: 0x1900dcc9
      Uitzonderingscode: 0xcfffffff
      Foutmarge: 0x00000000000010a4
      Id van proces met fout: 0xc68
      Starttijd van toepassing met fout: 0x01d3777e5d5c56c8
      Pad naar toepassing met fout: C:\Windows\SystemApps\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe
      Pad naar module met fout: C:\WINDOWS\System32\win32u.dll

    • Same issue here. It started on all clients at one of our customers. We have to install Firefox one after another. But this needs to be fixed! Started after we updated every machine to the Fall Creators Update.

    • When choosing to save a file that is marked as a octet stream (Content-Type: application/octet-stream) a Save-as dialog box will pop up. This allows the user to select the file name and location. However the file type can only be 'Text Document (*.txt)'

      When trying the same in IE11 and Chrome the Save-as dialog box allows the user to select file name, location AND file type (by appending a file extension of choice)

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