Live HLS playback freezes immediately if you wait to start the video until after the first playback window elapses

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Dec 5, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

If you load a live HLS stream (i.e. no #EXT-X-ENDLIST tag), wait for the duration of the first Media Playlist, then try to play the video, playback will hang almost immediately (it appears to hang when it first re-fetches the Media Playlist file after starting the video).

Furthermore, for the duration of the first Media Playlist, Edge will continue to poll the Media Playlist at the Target Duration, as well as fetching new segments. Once the duration of the first Media Playlist has passed, it stops polling the Media Playlist and fetching new segments. At this point, if you try to play the video, it will start, then hang when it re-fetches the Media Playlist.

If you start playing the video before the duration of the first Media Playlist has passed, then playback proceeds normally.

We have tested this with EdgeHTML 15.15063 and 16.16299, as well as with live streams from different providers. We have attached an HTML file which plays back a public stream from NASA TV, served by Akamai, but it does not appear to be limited to just this stream (or even streaming provider).

With this HTML file, these are the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Load the HTML file
  2. Wait at least 100 seconds (the stream returns a Media Playlist with 10 segments of about 10 seconds each)
  3. Click Play

What happens:

After a short amount of playback, the video hangs and never starts playing again. When looking at the network tab in F12 Developer Tools, you can see that the playback appears to hang as soon as the Media Playlist is re-fetched. The Media Playlist is continually re-fetched, but no Segments are ever fetched again.

What should happen:

Playback should start and continue until paused. The Media Playlist should be continually re-fetched, and new segments should continue to be fetched for playback, from up-to-date Media Playlists.


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