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Phil D.
Dec 13, 2017
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Oh goody, another large update comes onto my PC, and after the usual “just leave it alone and let it do it’s thing” for 3 hours, I get my PC back. And I launch my "browser", MS Edge. I have steadfastly used Edge since going to Win10, but alas, after I finish this gripe I’m installing Chrome because I JUST CAN’T STAND THIS BS! My home page is Yahoo ("myYahoo). Now it is not even a modicum of stable. Prior to the "update", rock solid. Here is a minor list: the “back” button no longer works, it seems to pick any page out of history it wants, but NOT the one I just came from; Even when I’m on my home page, it just randomly shoots off to an entirely BLANK page???; And, I use my home page for launching news feeds I follow, such as BBC, which I trust, now I can’t do that in peace, I launch a BBC news story, off we go to the article, then after a random amount of time reading, suddenly it shoots off to another blank page, and it refuses to go back to the page I was reading, even if I find it in history and click on it!!! The entire user experience is NOW A LOAD OF CRAP. Who ever did the “improving” needs to be dragged from his desk, taken out in the parking lot, and SHOT!


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “James M.”

    • And let me add to the list. When opening Edge, typing and address and pressing enter to navigate, Edge does not show any indication that the page is loading, not in the tab, not anywhere. Developer tools is totally broken, F12 works the first or two refreshes, then can’t collect any network data, it incorrectly shows the page in the debugger (it shows source from main page or other previous page). Several pages are 3x times slower to load, comparing to chrome and firefox. You really BROKE a very stable and fast browser. Are you really using Edge??? haven’t you noticed the mess you did with the latest update?? Why are you so slow to fix at least some of the bugs in the latest version???

    • Ohh an I forgot. You still need to configure some things in IE and that configurations are shared with Edge. For example if you are developing a website and accessing it with Edge by ip address you need to add the site to your trusted sites IN IE. Because… it will render horrible or just don’t work. And of course, NO ONE TELLS YOU that you changed behavior from the previous version.

    • Well folks, I have solved my problem, not with Edge of course, but I am reporting that Chrome installed quickly, imported my favorites just fine, was easy to select as the windows browser, and works wonderfully. And guess what? What? (you ask), I’m a comics nut and subscribe to King syndicate and Go Comics, and unlike Edge, when I view them in Chrome they are nice and readable, never crash, it’s like having a real computer!!! So that’s it for Edge, if I can get it deleted that will be super!

    • Hello:

      I apologize for the trouble you are experiencing. We are unable to reproduce the problems you face with the steps provided. Please try these general troubleshooting steps to ensure you have the best Edge experience:

      Best Wishes,
      The MS Edge Team

    • James; Appreciate your effort, but too little too late. As I said, I used Edge with great diligence for near 2 years, and watched it gradually improve to where it was almost usable. Then your latest “fix” for Win10 came out and totally hosed Edge, with exactly the items I listed above. Therefore, it’s going the wrong way, and I deem it "crap". As I said earlier, I now have Google Chrome as my default browser and that’s that. Chrome works and works well, faster than Edge btw, and way better graphics with things like web comics and such. Ain’t going back, ain’t screwing around try to fix anything, done, finished, nada, adios amigo, good bye and good luck.

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “Not reproducible”

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