Setting Outlook 2016 as Default E-Mail App in Edge

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Mark W.
Dec 29, 2017
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When I click he Share button in Edge, Windows 10 Mail appears even though Outlook 2016 is set as my default e-mail app in Win10. There appears to be no way to add Outlook or remove Mail.


We found that after setting Outlook as the default in Windows, the popup in Edge is blank, but the drafted email will appear in Outlook (screenshot attached).


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  • Microsoft Edge Team

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for providing this information about the issue. We found that after setting Outlook as the default in Windows, the popup in Edge is blank, but the drafted email will appear in Outlook (screenshot attached).

    We will investigate this behavior and see what can be done to streamline this feature.

    Best Wishes,
    The MS Edge Team

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  • Has this been fixed? I can only forward web pages from Edge using Mail, even though Outlook 2016 is my default email client.

  • “Has this been fixed?” No, it has not.

  • I have the same problem after the latest Windows 10 large update with Outlook 2010. Outlook is set as the default mail, but Edge ignores this setting and uses Windows Mail.

  • WE have Outlook 2013 as standard mail Client, but in Edge we can only choose beween Mail and Notes. Waiting for yur fix

  • Share on Edge connects to Windows 10 email app-does not appear to be a solution currently. Does not connect to Office 365 mail/Outlook

  • Spent a day trying all options to get the Edge sharing option to work with Outlook 2016 and nothing works. It worked perfectly before. But after a recent update from Microsoft the only options are various web applications IE Skype or Microsoft Mail. Tried to setup M Mail to use a Gmail email account. Used every option to create the Gmail account in Microsoft (Windows 10) Mail and nothing works. Not the Gmail option, not the advanced option or the Imap option. This same share data is what Windows 10 uses for the default Windows 10 Microsoft photos app, making it impossible to email a photo under the share option., unless you want to use OneDrive, Instagram, Mmail etc.
    I have also found Edge to be very slow since its inception. So I finally installed Firefox from Mozilla after hearing how great it is for years. It is much faster than Edge or Internet Explorer, much more stable and user friendly, it executes searches at a fraction of the time that it took with Edge or IE. It immediately configured itself to use the default email program (Outlook 2016) without any issues. It is very to use and just a superior browser. I have always been loyal to the Microsoft web browsers and had high hopes for Edge. But Edge not recognizing Outlook 2016 any longer as the default mail application due to an update from Microsoft was the last straw. Microsoft did this to force its users to use Microsoft Mail. So it is time to say good bye to the buggy slow Microsoft web browsers. I tried every option listed on the internet to get Edge to work with Outlook as the default email program nothing works so don’t waste your time. The real surprise was that Microsoft Mail will not configure a Gmail account using all the options listed for setup. Bye Bye Edge Hello Firefox.

  • issue is still open. very dissatisfying when you are in an Office Environment that doesn’t allow other Browsers. Fix it please. Same goes for other Apps in share. I need notes 2016 (offline) instead of the Notes(online)app. Where can this be configured. Is there any policy my Admin could set to define share Targets?

  • Wow, such a simple fix and nearly a year on and Microsoft haven’t fixed it yet. You know your rubbish right? you spend so much time thinking of ways to charge more you haven’t even finished the product your selling. Its not just here, its all over. All your help pages are awful, most of the time I just give up looking and use something else.

  • To me this is a giant fail. We have been trying to push adaption of Edge and this is a real pain in corporate environment. I will never understand how a company like Microsoft declares a flagship product and then leaves it with so many issues. Our users hate Edge over issues like this. This could be a great feature, but to ignore Outlook is mind blowing.

  • Edge Team, this is completely unacceptable. I, just like some of the other users above, have been loyally and diligently using Microsoft-centric products as much as possible in our work environment, as our entire environment has been built around Microsoft products and like most companies using this approach, we EXPECT, rather than DESIRE, that your technologies play well together. Why shouldn’t they? I want to punctuate what someone else stated above that Microsoft has a track record of racing to the “Finish” line with incomplete, not fully-functional products with hugely impactful bugs and functionality gaps. It does Microsoft no good to be able to say they’re first bringing something to market if it’s a half-@$$ed product. Wait until it’s ready, Beta the heck out of it with quality end-user feedback and not just engineers’ feedback, and then roll it…and with an application or technology as globally impactful and heavily-utilized as Edge (your NEW and “GAME-CHANGING” flagship browser), you better darn well be prepared for and anticipate extremely rapid product improvement feedback, especially for something as simple and obvious as Outlook integration with Edge. This is embarrassment and black eye for Microsoft, and it’s pathetic that no one from the Edge team has even checked back in on this thread since January 2018, which is also the ONLY time the Edge team has checked in on this. This should have been corrected in the very next monthly Windows 10 update, but here we are 10 months later in the same boat. I won’t even start in on how Edge hasn’t been incorporated into the Windows Server operating system as an available browser, let alone a trusted, enterprise-capable browser. That’s a whole other catastrophe. Let’s start with shapes, colors, and numbers 1-10 (i.e., Outlook playing nicely with Edge). GET IT TOGETHER, MICROSOFT! Prioritize functionality over adding your 1,276th product of the year.

  • Any nesw???

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