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Nick D.
Jan 2, 2018
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Shadow DOM

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MS has made “promises” surrounding native web components, but those promises seem to be broken at this point. At the moment, Shadow DOM has 11,817 votes (the highest rated item on the status list). However, there has been absolutely no communication (from what I can tell) from MS surrounding native web components in over 2 years.

Shadow DOM
Chrome has v1 of the spec fully implemented.
Firefox is working on it and it should land in versions 59 or 60
Edge has made no announcements surrounding it in over 2 years

Conjecture would lead me to believe that MS has decided to delay native components in order to further their investments in Angular. This isn’t a fair assumption, but since there has been no communication, all us developers are left to do is make assumptions.

I don’t think anyone is demanding that you drop what you’re doing to work on it, but can you at least assure us that this will be worked on in the near future in order to keep up with the other browsers? We don’t want another IE on our hands, being stuck in the past. Edge was supposed to be on top.

I realize that MS probably wanted the spec to stabilize, but it has, and the other browsers have been at the very least communicative in their plans to work on it.

Can we get an ETA? A blog post detailing MS’ plans? Something?

Nick Dugger


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

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    • Just over a week later, and things have been assigned, but still no actual word, even that you might be discussing this internally. Can we please get some communication?

    • I’d also be very interested to know when web components will finally be supported by edge.

    • Likewise, I’m very interested in any status for Custom Elements or Shadow DOM. At this moment, they are the top two requested features for Edge.

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To from “travil” to “Travis L.”

    • Any update on this? Firefox has recently enabled Shadow DOM in nightly builds, so that 3 evergreen browsers now have the implementation, as it previously did for Custom Elements. This means these 2 specs are mature enough, and Edge is the last one from the evergreen browsers not yet having them.

    • I’d like to pile on yet again; I find it ironic that the entire issue’s purpose was supposed to coax some communication out of Microsoft, and yet here we are, 5 months later, and there has still been no communication while Shadow DOM & Custom Elements are still the highest voted items on the status board.

      I am very disappointed in the Edge team. You really need to communicate with your community. We’re all trying to support Edge; we had high hopes for it. However, it’s still going the way of IE. Please help us to help you make Edge an amazing platform.

    • Thanks everyone for the comments and feedback here. We hear you loud and clear that we’re overdue for an update on this topic. We’re working on an update to our roadmap in the coming weeks to shed some light on our plans and what we’ve been up to in the interim - stay tuned to for that.

    • Yes, it’s time Edge is getting support for this, as well as custom components.

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