JS Module fails with no error message and no debuggability

Issue #15382174 • Assigned to Steven K.


Darryl P.
Jan 9, 2018
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Steps to reproduce

My test case is captured here: http://plnkr.co/edit/IekedoA6Vn2mwwSkUzpO?p=preview

It should set the body text to read "Received QUX". This works in Chrome (65-dev), Safari 11, and Firefox 58.

The issue appears to stem from the import at the top of test.js, if I comment it out then I get errors showing up in the devtools console as expected.

However it doesn’t appear to be the contents on event_target.js that are problematic: if I copy paste its content into test.js and remove the import (and change Foo to extend EventBase), then I get the expected “Recieved QUX” output.

It doesn’t appear to be related to the “EventTarget” name, because changing the export/import to “EventBase” doesn’t work. The bug is caused simply by importing event_target.js.

I’m baffled as to why this particular setup is failing, and why there’s no error message or JS files showing the devtools.


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