Microsoft Edge page/tab temporarily hangs while entering value into specially crafted text input

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Siarhei P.
Jan 12, 2018
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

MS Edge page/tab hangs while entering value into specially crafted text input.

Please look at the Telerik demo web-page.

  1. Open several tabs in MS Edge. Open the above link within one of the tab.
  2. Focus on ‘Phone’ field.
  3. Try to press numeric keys on the keyboard and ‘Home’ key simultaneously as fast as possible.

After some time of continuously pressing keys (less than 20 sec.) no more input is allowed. The input field hangs and no more digits appears on the screen. Clicking anywhere on the page seems to have no effect, focus isn’t changes. Cursor stops blinking as well sometimes. Page hangs.
More over, try to single click (not Drag’n’drop) on the MS Edge currently opened tab, then move the mouse -> the tab get detached from the browser.

I debugged this behavior with Dev tools and found there where no more any Telerik related events fired at the time when input field hangs. Taking into account we get the incorrect browser/tabs behavior I believe it is not Telerik-related issue and more likely MS Edge issue.

Reproduced on stable MS Edge version:
Microsoft Edge 41.16299.15.0
Microsoft EdgeHTML 16.16299
Other major browsers seems like have no this kind of issue.


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