Resize sometimes does not happen immediately - getting the size after resize returns the old size.

Issue #15444270 • Assigned to Clay M.


Jan 12, 2018
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Steps to reproduce

The DRT ‘plugin_markup.flash_iframe_redirect_http’ (or other imageverification DRTs) sometimes fail due to a small delay in resize via webdriver.

Added a workaround in Bug 14391179 to make the DRT setup wait for resize to complete before proceeding.

Repro Steps:

  1. Remove the workaround fix from bug 14391179.
  2. Run the DRT 'plugin_markup.flash_iframe_redirect_http with a repeatcount of 100 or 200.
  3. The DRT fails a couple of times because of resizing problems.

Root-cause for DRT failure:
The Webdriver test setup PerformSanityNavTest() resizes Edge to 800 x 600. The ImageVerification test setup then attempts resizes Edge to 640 x 480 before running the tests and taking a screenshot.

In the failure case, ImageVerification code checks the current size and it returns 640 x 480 (which was the previous size before PerformSanityNavTest() resized it to 800 x 600). So, it doesn’t resize it again. However, the 800 x 600 resize happens some time after this which causes the screenshot that is taken to be of a different size than the reference image. This causes the test to fail.

The expectation is that the resize should have completed by the time get size is called in ImageVerification test setup.


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