Edge Extension: Focusing a window with browser.windows.update increases its width by 16 pixel and its height by 8 pixel if not minimized or maximized

Confirmed Issue #15497873 • Assigned to Saurabh S.


Dominik H.
Jan 17, 2018
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

Executing the following code in the background page of an extension will increase the current window’s size (+16 pixel in width, +8 pixel in height) if it is not minimized or maximized:

browser.windows.getCurrent(null, function(currentwindow) {
  browser.windows.update(currentwindow.id, {"focused": true}, function(window){});


browser.windows.getCurrent(null, function(currentwindow) {
  browser.windows.update(currentwindow.id, {"focused": true, "width": currentwindow.width-16, "height":currentwindow.height-8}, function(window){});

causes nothing to happen (as it would be expected in the first code example).

This bug can easily be reprocuded by debugging an arbitrary Edge extension with a background page and executing the first code example in its console.

The window’s size also changs if the window to be focused is not the current one.

This bug does not occur in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


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