Audio not working from multiple participants

Issue #15593910 • Assigned to Gurpreet V.


Michael L.
Jan 24, 2018
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce


Given 3 or more participants in a WebRTC "Session", I only hear audio from the first participant that was subscribed. I can not hear audio from the second, third, etc.

Steps to reproduce:

On one computer:

On another computer with Edge:

  • Open<room_name> in Edge
  • You should see both participants
  • Try muting one at a time, ensuring to unmute the other

Observed results:

Audio from only one participant works.

Expected results:

Audio from both participants to work.

Other browsers:

  • Chrome receives audio in multi-party calls fine
  • Firefox receives audio in multi-party calls fine
  • Safari receives audio in multi-party calls fine

Note: This bug seems to only happen in the WebRTC API and not the ORTC API. When using the ORTC API it behaves as expected, and you can hear all participants. Adapter.js will fix this issue, but in our case, we have other issues caused by the ORTC API.


Meet doesn’t always work the first time with Edge, I’ve found more success by appending p2p to the room name. So for instance, if your room name is "foobar", then “foobarp2p” will skip the media server and connect directly P2P.


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