MSEdge support for System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser

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Roman S.
Jan 31, 2018
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I know this has been asked before here, but all the previous discussions were left without an answer.
I am the author of, a cross-platform Electron-like Python library. The major difference to Electron is that instead of relying on embedded Chrome, pywebview uses a web renderer provided by the operating system. On Windows it means MSHTML in all its glory.

With MSHTML seeing no updates and getting dated day-by-day, I have been wondering if there are any plans to bring MSEdge to the WebBrowser component? Supporting IE11-grade MSHTML is still viable at this point, but with rapidly changing web landscape the situation will be different in a couple of years.

Does WebBrowser component have a future or should I concentrate my efforts on getting Chrome Embedded Framework to work with pywebview?


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