IE10 - Win 7 VM for Mac - Only starts up with "repair" option and cannot avoid this

Not reproducible Issue #15799017


Martin M.
Feb 5, 2018
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Steps to reproduce

Hi guys,

I downloaded the IE10 - Win 7 VM for Mac and it’s just not working for me.

These are the steps to reproduce:

1 - Startup the virtual machine from Virtual Box.
2 - User is prompted to choose between “repair” and "start normally".
3 - User chooses "repair".
4 - Windows starts and shows a dialog saying that is repairing.

Expected: The repair should happen and the user should be able to follow through using the virtual machine.
Actual: What’s in the screenshot. The repair does not happen and the user is prompted to Finish (which restarts the computer and steps 1 - 4 take place again).

Just in case, if the user chooses to start normally the virtual machine restarts and lands on the same screen with the repair and start normally options.

I’m using a Mac with OS High Sierra version 10.13.1.

Let me know if you need more information.



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  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Steven K.”

    Changed Assigned To to “Anton M.”

    Changed Status to “Not reproducible”

  • Hi Marting,

    I can’t repro this with the IE10 Parallels version available in the site. Can you give it another try?


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