File upload input type needs two tabs to get past

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Diane K.
Feb 14, 2018
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Steps to reproduce

When a file upload input is present, in Edge, it occasionally requires 2 tabs to get past and in IE11, it always requires 2 tabs to get past.

Steps to reproduce in Edge:

  1. Go to a page that has a file input type (bare bones example here:
  2. Click on the text input to get focus to the sample
  3. Tab forward (notice that there is no focus ring or indication of what currently has focus)
  4. Tab forward (notice that there is a focus ring around the Browse button)

What happens:
File name element is focusable and gets focus but doesn’t show that it’s focused. Tabbing backwards and then forwards then sometimes skips the file name field.

What’s expected:
The “field” that contains what file is going to be chosen shouldn’t be something that I can tab to. In IE11, there is at least a blinking cursor to give me some indication that my focus is there (even though I can’t type anything). In Edge, there is no indication of focus, which makes it really confusing where my focus is. It also is confusing to figure out why I have to hit tab twice to get to what seems like the next element. No other browser has this behavior (the file name is not in a text field, it’s just in text next to the file picker button).


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