Service worker developer tools console does not expose some ServiceWorkerGlobalScope properties

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Feb 23, 2018
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Steps to reproduce

Microsoft Edge’s service worker developer tools returns undefined for self.registration and self.clients. Both properties are implemented and work in code (the image shows logging them to return an object), but aren’t accessible from the developer tools console.

  1. Visit so that a service worker is installed in the background.

  2. Open Microsoft Edge Developer Tools, click the Debugger Tab, and then select Service Workers from the left sidebar.

  3. Click “Inspect” on the service worker entry. A second Developer Tools window should open.

  4. Click “Console” on this second Developer Tools window that is inspecting the service worker.

  5. Type self.registration and press ENTER. The output is currently undefined but should not be undefined since self.registration is a supported property.

  6. Similarly, type self.clients and press ENTER. Observe the same undefined output.

Note: As shown in the attached image, self.registration and self.clients are implemented and function in code, but are just not exposed in Edge’s service worker developer tools.

Version Information:
Microsoft Edge 42.17074.1000.0
Microsoft EdgeHTML 17.17074


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