Middle Mouse Button scroll speed out of control

Issue #16109044 • Assigned to comptriage


Ludvík K.
Feb 26, 2018
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

Middle mouse button click scrolling in Edge is unusable compared to Google Chrome. While in Chrome, scrolling speed with increase linearly with the amount of distance the cursor pointer is from the scrolling gizmo icon.

In Edge, scrolling is quite slow as long as the mouse cursor is in the close proximity to the scrolling gizmo icon, and after a certain constant distance, which si roughly 250 pixels from the scrolling gizmo icon, scrolling will switch to uncontrollably fast speed, which scrolls about 20 vertical screens of the webpage in just one second.

This will inevitably ruin first time impression of any user used to middle mouse scrolling who gives Edge a try.


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “James M.”

      Changed Assigned To to “comptriage”

    • Come on guys. You can not wonder why no one uses your browser for anything else than downloading chrome when you completely ignore essential user experience issues like this.

    • Hi guys, this is Ludvik, the reporter of this bug. I was just wondering if you are fucking with me. This bug is present for years and still not fixed even in 1803 update.

      I can’t possibly comprehend how Microsoft constantly complains about pretty much no one wanting to use Edge, and resorts to extreme measures to make people at least give it a chance, yet at the same can’t get even absolutely essential things like scrolling right.

      This, this is why no one gives a flying shit about Edge, complete ignorance and refusal to get essential core features of a web browser together. No one at Microsoft who is even remotely tied to Edge has any right to complain that users do not want to adopt it, when you can’t get even the most basic things right. If you can’t even make scrolling work, how am I supposed to trust your browser to be my daily driver?

    • Yep, almost a year has passed by, yet a fault of a completely essential UI feature is still not fixed. You can’t wonder why Edge being bad has became basically a stereotype.

    • this is the reason I don’t use Edge as well
      Chrome middle mouse scroll give the same feeling like dragging scroll bar it just so much better.

    • I occasionally try to use Edge for browsing but EVERY TIME there is an issue. This time it is this. Why can we not use the scroll wheel? Are you using this like an Apple thing where they removed the 3.5" jack from their phones? Or with Spotify clicking the close icon shut down the program rather than hiding it in the notification area? You think this is going to win you any friends?? It is as bad as removing the scroll bars from some windows [sic]. At least I can change that if I google for 10 minutes to find out where the setting is hidden. Is there any chance that you may add scroll wheel support in Edge?

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