Adobe Flash Player trying to install a Trojan virus

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Thomas W.
Mar 13, 2018
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Certain article that I try to read on my news feed will have an offering from Adobe Flash Player stating that my flash player is out of date. I have windows essential virus protection installed and it flashes a warning not to download the package because it has a Trojan virus. Its coming from (Trojan:js/falfisi.D flashplayer[1].hta) This is happening quite often now Microsoft Edge news feed.


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    • I’ve had exact issue as described with Edge and default MS news tab. I have refrained from using Edge as possible and have disabled the news feed by opening with a blank tab. I also stay off Bing News while on Edge.

    • My issue is similar. While browsing news articles using Edge I get a Flashplayer,hta popup. At same time I get a virus warning from Windows Defender. It quarantines Trojan:JS/Flafisi.D and asks for a restart. How can I get rid of this virus since it comes back. Rich

    • I have the same issue and have had it for weeks, I have used Defender to do a full scan, uninstalled flash player but this morning I again the popup. and defender showing trojan:JS/Flatist.D. I am using Chrom to send this response. I like edge but hav limited my use of it due to this problem. I would like to see microsoft come out with a real fix. (I have been hit with this 7 times in the last 18 days.)

    • I have the same problem. I keep running the Windows defender Virus scan and full scan and advanced scan, but the Flash Player update virus keeps popping up, Windows defender does quarantine, but I would like to know how to keep this from happening.

    • “For those of you that are getting these fake Flash Player update notifications, please take a screenshot of the entire page, including the address field with the full URL. Depending on the browser, you may need to click in the address field to display the entire URL. Send the URL and the screenshot to”

    • I don’t think sending screen shots and URL’s are helping anyone with this, dozens of people have done that, I keep getting this fake player pop up as well, sometimes 3 or more times a session. And it’s only in Edge, Firefox and Chrome do not have this problem. Reading articles or news is getting annoying to the point of deleting Edge from my device. What have the other browsers done to eliminate this problem that MS can’t seem to copy?

    • Windows Defender finds Trojan:JS/Flafisi.D. It says it is quarantined and to restart to remove, which I do. This has happened 6 times.

      I do not know how to take a screenshot.

    • I have reported this in the past (3/25. To try to solve this popup problem I used the Microsoft recovery option and it rebuilt windows 10 I just kept my documents. This appeared to work but I have had 4 re occurrences of this problem in the last week. Edge was my default browser but as I do banking and other financial processes online I will be switching to Chrome. I also have an email account and rewards account but I will be limiting my use of edge. I hope Microsoft will put in a patch to fix this issue.

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “wptsixtri”

    • I hope Microsoft gets the message - we’re freaking tired of seeing these adware pop up sites asking us to call a scam MS site or update adobe flash player. Fix Edge and Defender! I don’t get these pop up adw on Google Chrome!!! I have done everything - so back to Chrome I go with yet a new pc!!! None of your support staff knows what is going on this is effecting millions of people. Wake up! Need a new OS and browser to replace MS!

    • I get this all the time after an Adobe update. I use IE 11 for my browser. I notice it pops up more if I am on than anywhere else. I deleted Adobe and Java updates and I am running IE with zero add-ons. Still get it. I use Security Essentials which flag it as a Trojan severe virus every time it pops up. But, 50% of the time it says it cannot find it to delete it. It is getting extremely frustrating.

    • This has been happening to me too on the Edge browser. Very annoying. Please fix!

    • I have had that virus several times…twice was quarantined by Defender…but last time it didn’t and had to go in and find and delete…this time it does not seem to have inserted anything that is found, but the URL was Personally, don’t believe MS will do anything to fix this issue…I actually have to use EDGE for one web site, Old I.E. for most and Fire Fox for special…sad MS is not the Top they claim to be.

    • Found more info on ICANN web site; seems like the Pop up is coming from this person’s URL: YES…this person’ URL is causing Flash Player Pop up Trojan Virus
      Found it on Icann web site search.


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