Memory leak viewing page with regular updates

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Jamie C.
Mar 13, 2018
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Found in
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
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Steps to reproduce

  1. View
  2. Lock or disconnect from the Windows session (recommended)
  3. Wait for an extended period of time without logging back in (recommended)

Memory consumption by one Edge process increases at a roughly constant rate continually, for example an average of 5.6MB/hour, from 392MB to 1,179MB over 140 hours. This memory consumption may decrease sharply but only at the moment a user logs back to view the page if following steps 2-3. Memory snapshots have shown JavaScript bytes and object counts hovering near the same numbers over time, with bytes going both up and down by a few hundred kilobytes. We cannot reproduce results like this in Chrome.

Steps 2-3 may not be necessary, but the results may be different or less reliable without them: we have seen memory consumption going up and down, or going up less sharply.

This may be similar to #14540533. The problem affects our pages where JavaScript makes regular web requests for data and updates the page’s DOM. IE11 will become unresponsive after a shorter time.

The attached graph tracks only “working set” by mistake, but private bytes and working set have been similar.


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