Edge Browser window resize doesn't render into expanded space

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Mike W.
Mar 16, 2018
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

The issue is that I click and drag the right side of the MS Edge browser or the upper right corner or lower left corner and the new space that I expand into does not show MS Edge browser content. It appears as if the inner content is transparent. I can see the border of the window expand, but everything inside the expanded border (including the top window bar) is invisible. The area previously containing content continues to show content and it changes its layout as if it were expanding into the transparent region. I “know” that the content has moved because if I click the transparent spot where the window close “X” should be after the window resize, I can see the window close.

This is a repeat of Issue #14245708 marked as “not reproducible” which is bogus. I can make this happen any time you want to see it. Other users are also experiencing the issue and commenting under issue #14245708 so it shouldn’t be ignored. I am a developer so I understand that it can be difficult to reproduce an issue, so perhaps you need to investigate on machines where you see it happening. I would be happy to remote desktop to look into the issue. I can run test code to log more information. I am on the latest updates for Windows 10.


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    • I see that Paint 3D from Microsoft also has this issue with the same transparent interior behavior. This may be a shared library between the two applications or an OS level issue.

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