In Table, JAWS reading image as alt text + cell instead of alt text + graphic.

Issue #1649321


Feb 11, 2015
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

<DIV role=grid id=c_711_div aria-label="Table">
<TABLE role=presentation aria-label=Table id=c_711>
<TBODY id=c_711_tbody>
<TR role=row id=c_711_tr_header>
<TD id=c_711_cell_724 class=c-711>
<DIV role=columnheader id=c_725>
<TABLE role=presentation id=c_725_table>
<TBODY id=c_725_tbody>
<TR id=c_725_tr>
<TD id=c_725_cell_c_id5538>
<DIV role=columnheader tabIndex=0 aria-label=* id=c_id5539>*</DIV></TD></TR></TBODY>
<TR role=row id=c_711_tr_0>
<TD role=gridcell aria-label=cell id=c_711_cell_id5561>
<IMG role=img tabIndex=0 aria-describedby=c_id5539 id=c_id5561 title=Password alt=Password src="Camp2011250pxW.jpg">


Expected Results:

In table, Image should be read as alt text content with graphic.

Actual Results:

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