IE11 - onbeforeunload being called after IE closes

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Feb 11, 2015
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

1.Open IE11 with an onbeforeunload event configured (the sample from reference is enough to reproduce this problem: another arbitrary tab
3.focus the tab opened at step 1
4.close this tab
-a confirmation from closure should appear
5.deny the closure of the tab
6.close the main IE window (I’ve used the close buton “x”)

the confirmation will appears after browser is closed. If positivelly confirmed at this point, IE will close successfully. Otherwise, IE will disapear but his processes will continue alive on Windows.

Sometimes, with some variation that I couldn’t determine from this scenary, denying the closure will make impossible for IE to be closed by the classical “x” button. It could be another bug matter…

Expected Results:

The event onbeforeunload should be called before the window is closed, or accordingly to the specifications on the API reference ( What must NOT happen is the successfully closure of the window without the explicit acceptance from user.

Actual Results:

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