Single Backspace delete multiple Thai characters

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Chaowaroj '.
Mar 24, 2018
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

Multiple Thai characters are deleted with a single backspace key press. This happens when the combination of Thai consonant and vowel and/or tone mark are in the same "block". For example, this word “ที่” consists of three characters, a consonant ท, a vowel ี, and a tone mark ่. The correct behavior is when the backspace key is pressed, only one character is deleted one at a time. However, in any text input rendered in Edge, a single Backspace key will delete the whole block. This bug is not present in Internet Explorer on the same machine, or the Edge UI elements (e.g. address box). Only in the input textbox, etc.

This bug is not found in Windows 10 1703, but shows up somewhere between that and 1709 and still there in 17127.


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