Edge will commonly not show any progress or activity indicator while still loading a web page

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Kyle H.
Apr 12, 2018
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This is most prevalent on slow internet connections like mine, but Edge will commonly (80 percent of the time) not show any progress or even activity when loading a web page, instead showing an inanimate refresh icon and a blank white page. As the user, I have no idea if my page is still loading or how long it will take.

Additionally, sometimes a page will partially load, but some elements on the page are missing. I have no idea if I’m missing anything or if I should refresh the page until all of a sudden the rest of the content loads. Even my password manager’s autofill function is unreliable because I don’t know whether a page has finished loading and I can click “auto-fill” or not.

Often times Edge will even clear my typed URL out of the address bar so I have no idea if my page is loading or not. I’ll usually wait two minutes, find out my page isn’t loading after all, and refresh, wait two more minutes, and there’s my page. No indication of progress or activity at all.

Ideally Edge would behave like every other browser when loading a page: show an activity icon of some kind (in Edge’s case, the roller coaster dots on the tab) and change the refresh icon to a “stop” icon to indicate that the page is still loading. A minority of the time Edge will actually do this, but more often than not Edge will present me with a blank white page and no indication of activity until the page comes up in full all at once.


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