Edge in Windows 10 1803 adds extra characters to select/option form input fields in ASP pages breaking data integrity

Duplicate Issue #17358578 • See Issue #17477791


Chris R.
May 3, 2018
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Steps to reproduce

When submitting ASP forms using <select><option>tags, the resulting data has an extra character on the end breaking data integrity. This did not happen in 1803, and does not happen in IE or Chrome.


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    • Hi! Sorry if this is causing you any trouble, this is the first time I hear about this problem. Could you provide a test page where we can try this out?

    • This is happening for any web form not just ASP

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “Duplicate”

    • Thanks, I see someone made a reduction for this issue. It doesn’t reproduce on my branch but I am currently in a nightly build, so I don’t know the exact whereabouts of this issue, I’ll ping people around. 

    • It seems to happen more consistently when the dropdown has a default value already selected and is not changed.

    • Here’s a small sample. This form has two select/option fields (dropdowns). Just submit and see the value of the second drop down change. Strange thing is, if I remove the first drop-down the second one works OK (so not consistent). https://www3.thomas.edu/myThomas/edgetest.asp

    • Thanks for posting that Chris R. That is the same exact behavior we are seeing.

    • Seeing the same issue here too.

      In many cases, with our older code we didn’t explicitly set the “value” attribute in each option. Setting that has seamed to remedy the issue, but it’s a huge undertaking.

    • We are experiencing the same issue with an intranet app. I have had to restrict access to the app to Firefox and Chrome until resolved as it is affecting data integrity.

    • We are experiencing the same issue. What is the status of this problem? Not being able to POST accurate data would seem to be a breaking issue.

    • we get the same issue on our site as well, www.slimcd.com

    • Same here

    • Same issue here. This is impacting our users and corrupting data entry.

    • We just ran into this issue today. The development staff for our web app was able to reproduce the issue using Edge on the following URL.

      We also found a fix for the issue in our app. By adding the value equals element to the SELECT options the bug is no longer affecting the posted data.

      This code does not work:


      This code does work:


      By y

    • Sorry, didn’t realize Microsoft can’t figure out how to HTML Encode what I enter into the comment box. Looks like I have to use hieroglyphics instead. And for goodness sake, no way to edit my comments?

      Here is the non-working code:


      Here is the code that works:


      The non-working code is adding a random lowercase later about 90% (?) of the time.

    • Seeing issue on a CF based order form, with 2 select elements, issue is only effecting 1 element, it had no value attribute, will see if issue goes away now that we added that. The added characters aren’t limited to english/ascii, field is a year select field, seen regular english characters appended, but also "2020ꐍ","2022ɼ","2020ǐ","2022虒","2020댊","2023댊", and it isn’t random, we have seen the same person retry and the same character is appended.

    • I literally checked the preview and it displayed as expected. The system nuked my code again. This is ridiculous.

      As mentioned previously, explicitly including the value in the option tag will resolve the issue.

    • Same issue for me after upgrading to 42.17134.1.0

      Wondering if there will be a quick fix.

    • I can confirm that this is still happening on 42.17134.1.0, we are also facing this issue

    • I just realized that I duped this issue against another issue reported on this site, but its author had made the issue private so you can’t see this if you aren’t from inside Microsoft. To repeat what I said in the other issue: the bug is understood, and we will be working on a fix soon. If you need a workaround to keep your applications working in the meantime, the solution is to add a “value” attribute on your “option” elements with the same value as their text content.

    • We do have “value” attributes on our “option” elements, but this issue still impacts our application.

    • Adding value attributes helped, thanks. Tomer: Just a wild guess, but it may be possible that an option list without value attributes may affect another option list on the page even if the second one has value attributes defined. Perhaps make sure all the option lists on your page have the value attributes defined, and not just the ones you care about?

      And as a sidenote – it’s a good idea to do input validation even if the options on the page are "fixed". There are tools which let you change those input fields, perhaps even for evil purposes. You can’t trust the client to send only expected input.

    • Same issue here. Is there an ETA on a fix?

    • We’re also impacted, and have found no work arounds. A fix or workaround is needed.

    • Any update on this? This is an enormous problem, corrupting data.

      Can the update be stopped?

    • We won’t stop the Windows update based on this problem. However, a fix has already been written, and servicing is in progress. I’m not the person responsible for the team writing the servicing fix, but I think the update should be part of the next patch Tuesday, which is (I think) due on the second Tuesday of the month of June.

    • We have the same issue on our web sites as well. I am installing todays cumulative update for Windows 10 so let’s hope the fix is in there!

    • I can confirm the latest updates pushed today DO NOT fix the issue! Microsoft we need to know when a fix will be pushed to determine if we need to go through the effort of adding value attributes to our option tags!

    • Sorry I misread the post by Francois. It looks like will have to wait until next Tuesday during the normal patch Tuesday. My excitement got the best of me!

    • Confirmed with 42.17134. We log corrupted values on POST that contains select elements (always one more random character at the end of the value). We developed a workaround for Edge, but it’s not an acceptable solution.

    • I’m not seeing the fix in windows update yet. Is it coming today?

    • Is there any information if this issue is fixed in June 12, 2018—KB4284835 (OS Build 17134.112)?

    • Hi Jim,

      I changed this ticket to be a duplicate of another publicly visible bug report so that you can see updates there.

      This issue is still open.


    • Hallo Steve
      Auch ich habe das selbe Problem in PHP Win10 und Edge Browser.
      Es werden immer 1 bis zu 4 Zeichen angehängt.
      Eingabe: Ja mit POST gelesen=JaDz
      Eingabe: Ja mit POST gelesen= Ja䍸

      Source HTML:
      maske.php = Ja


      ergebniss.php = if (isset($_POST[“akt_stat”])){$akt_stat = $_POST [“akt_stat”];}else{$akt_stat="";}

      $akt_stat= JaDz
      $akt_stat= Ja䍸
      $akt_stat= Ja᱈
      Benötige dringend eine Lösung.

    • Just to give everyone an update, it looks like when I was told the fix would make it to the next Patch Tuesday, the dev team meant the July patch tuesday and not the June patch tuesday.

    • Today is the June patch Tuesday. Was it fixed?

    • Opps - Today is the July patch Tuesday. Was it fixed?

    • Francois R. - I updated by PC, and the Edge version did not change. Does that mean the fix was not in this patch either. Please advise.

    • Yes, the July updates for Windows 10 fixed this problem (extra characters) for our users.

    • This fix is in the July RS4 Windows 10 update, thanks for the feedback!
      You can check if you have the fix by looking in settings -> System -> about shows the OS Build == 17134.165 or higher
      Hope this helps!

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