When using Web Notifications API, `Win32WebViewHost` shows as source in Windows 10 Action Center

Issue #17486663 • Assigned to Brad P.


Richard M.
May 11, 2018
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  • When looking in 32bit Windows 10 Insider Preview 17672.1000, Settings, Privacy, Location, Choose apps that can use your precise location; I can see Win32WebViewHost requests to see my precise location.
    I do not remember seeing this in I.P. 17666.1000?
    What exactly is this please?
    As an addition; I was using Edge to report here. But as usual with Edge I am unable to add an image attachment and I had to use IE11.
    Second addition; Using Edge for my first attempt I had to sign in to confirm my identity. I ticked the box to say keep my identity and not be required to sign in again. But when I switched to IE11 I had to sign in again and request to keep my identity.
    Is identity browser particular?

  • Just updated to 1803 via MCT,went to go change my settings and this appeared under both camera and microphone in the privacy section. What is this app? Didn’t have it when running 1709.
    I’ve also same query. Somebody please, tell if it suspicious. Do this spy through our camera ?

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “wwatri”

  • This is new starting in April 2018 update. When an application uses the new Web View, entries may show up in various places in settings, notifications, volume mixer, etc.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To from “wwatri” to “Brad P.”

  • On Insider builds this now shows up as "Desktop App Web Viewer".

    What is wanted here is a way to distinguish an application using Web View from other applications when notifications are sent to the action center, volume settings are adjusted, privacy settings are adjusted, etc. Right now there is no way unambiguous way to distinguish what is coming from which application.

  • This shows up on my settings Menu and is always off it is called WIN32WEBVIEWHOST is this another Windows Engineered Virus brought apron by sloppy coding??? like the Memory leak in Windows 1.3 to 1098 and it seems even 2018??

  • This question was NEVER answered by anyone in support, that can be UNDERSTOOD by normal people. You people speak in a foreign language! All we want to know is this: Is the “Desktop App Web Viewer” okay to click on to make it active? AND under what circumstances is it necessary to have it active? THANK YOU!

  • what is Win32WebViewHost used for and is it safe

  • I also am wondering what “Win32WebViewHost” is about & I have the permission to access my camera turned to off in my camera settings at the moment. It seems strange there is no icon beside this like the other apps listed have. Also seems strange but interesting that no one from Microsoft support has a response to this claim. I could express my own conspiracy theory on this mysterious subject… but will wait for Microsoft’s response & explanation of why it seems they are being evasive with answers to a post created 7 months ago. haha

  • Yes I am also concerned with this on my PC as well…also started having issues with my camera working on one of my sites as well…I want to know what it is and ;looks as if I am not the only one! come on Microsoft why so quiet???

  • Is this some malware or is it MS? should i enable?

  • what is win32webviewhost
    Why does it uses the camera and is it safe.
    Microsoft please answer

  • This is/has been happening in my Insider Preview (beta) versions of Windows 10 as well. Usually now if you go to Store, click the ellipsis (…) symbol top right, click downloads & updates, click get updates, and check if any apps need updating. This SHOULD remove any of these items. I am now on V1809 b.17763.253 and I do not have this any more.
    Check to see if your build is up to date and run the Windows Store App troubleshooter.
    win32webviewhost is a genuine Windows file and was not a virus, simply a bug that has now been removed in later builds.

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