When using Web Notifications API, `Win32WebViewHost` shows as source in Windows 10 Action Center

Issue #17486663 • Assigned to Brad P.


Richard M.
May 11, 2018
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  • When looking in 32bit Windows 10 Insider Preview 17672.1000, Settings, Privacy, Location, Choose apps that can use your precise location; I can see Win32WebViewHost requests to see my precise location.
    I do not remember seeing this in I.P. 17666.1000?
    What exactly is this please?
    As an addition; I was using Edge to report here. But as usual with Edge I am unable to add an image attachment and I had to use IE11.
    Second addition; Using Edge for my first attempt I had to sign in to confirm my identity. I ticked the box to say keep my identity and not be required to sign in again. But when I switched to IE11 I had to sign in again and request to keep my identity.
    Is identity browser particular?

  • Just updated to 1803 via MCT,went to go change my settings and this appeared under both camera and microphone in the privacy section. What is this app? Didn’t have it when running 1709.
    I’ve also same query. Somebody please, tell if it suspicious. Do this spy through our camera ?

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “wwatri”

  • This is new starting in April 2018 update. When an application uses the new Web View, entries may show up in various places in settings, notifications, volume mixer, etc.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To from “wwatri” to “Brad P.”

  • On Insider builds this now shows up as "Desktop App Web Viewer".

    What is wanted here is a way to distinguish an application using Web View from other applications when notifications are sent to the action center, volume settings are adjusted, privacy settings are adjusted, etc. Right now there is no way unambiguous way to distinguish what is coming from which application.

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