IndexedDB requires sequential access to and IDBFactory.deleteDatabase

Confirmed Issue #175642 • Assigned to Jeff L.


May 6, 2014
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Steps to reproduce



Repro Steps:

The following Mocha test suite demonstrates this issue. Notice that the tests all complete at 100% in both Firefox 29 and Chrome 34, but not in IE 11.

Without queuing:

Now, here’s that same suite of tests, but with all calls to and IDBFactory.deleteDatabases queued. I.e., no two requests can be open at the same time; I wait for the onsuccess callback before allowing another request to be opened.

With queuing:

For more details for what code changed between these two versions, here’s a diff on Github: .

Also note that it’s not enough to queue based on the database name, i.e. to only allow two open requests if they are for different database names. In another suite of tests (test.changes.js), we open and destroy two databases simultaneously, but this fails on IE11 unless we use a shared task queue.

Here’s that suite of tests:

Without queuing:
With queuing:

Expected Results:

Databases can be opened/destroyed simultaneously without requiring queued access.

Actual Results:


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    • Nolan from the future can confirm to Nolan from the past that this issue still repros in EdgeHTML 15.15063.

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