IndexedDB does not call back within Web Worker

Issue #175648 • Assigned to Ali A.


May 6, 2014
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Repro Steps:

Here’s an example of a working IDBFactory request with a Web Worker: . It should show “Output is: successfully opened db.” This works on IE11 and Chrome 34, although it doesn’t work on Firefox 29 (since FF apparently doesn’t support IndexedDB within Web Workers at all).

Now, here’s an example of a non-working IDBFactory request with a Web Worker:

Notice that the second test completes( i.e. it shows 100% in the upper-right-hand corner) in Chrome 34 but not in IE 11. Stepping through in the debugger, I see that the “open” request created at line 2675 of the following script is never called back on its onsuccess or onerror functions: .

FWIW, I also tried adding an onblocked callback to that request, but still got radio silence.

Expected Results: should have its onsuccess callback invoked inside of a Web Worker.

Actual Results:



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