Content Script not loading in iframe on extension page

Won’t fix Issue #17707775


Andrew S.
May 30, 2018
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

If an extension page loads an iframe, content scripts should be added to that iframe just like any other page. This does not occur in Edge.

Steps to recreate:

  1. Install the attached extension in Edge (
  2. Click the Extension button (browser_action) to load the extension page as a popup

Expected: Alert should be displayed from the content script saying “loaded”
Actual results: No alert is displayed, meaning the content script was not injected.

This same extension yields the expected results in chrome and firefox.


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  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “James M.”

    Changed Assigned To to “Mahesh J.”

    Changed Assigned To to “Scott S.”

    Changed Status to “Confirmed”

    Changed Status from “Confirmed” to “Won’t fix”

    Changed Assigned To to “Corey W.”

  • Hello,
    Thank you again for your feedback. We would like you to attempt to reproduce this issue on one of the latest Edge Chromium builds. We will not be fixing this issue in the current version of Edge as we are transitioning to Edge Chromium very soon.  Please let us know if you still do not see the behavior you are expecting, but it looks to be working in Edge Dev and Edge Canary.

    Best Regards,
    The MS Edge Team

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