"White Tabs" when iexplore.exe process gets large (rendering problems)

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Feb 23, 2015
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

There is no guaranteed steps to duplicate, but I manage to experience this problem almost daily, and sometimes many times a day. It’s very annoying and frustrating. I actually keep Task Manager open to the Details page at all time… whenever the system starts to feel slow, stuttery, or I see rendering issues anywhere, sure enough, there’s a bloated iexplore.exe process, and killing it restores proper behavior. This is across different PCs, CPUs, graphics cards, etc.

What is common: I leave IE-Desktop open at all times, with a dozen tabs open on average. Many tabs are in javascript heavy sites (and maybe some ad-heavy sites) that scroll endlessly. But it doesn’t matter if I’m always trying to scroll "really far", it can happen at any time. Switching between facebook, Twitter, and gizmodo.com/io9.com can eventually trigger it, but it takes time. You’re not going to reproduce this in a matter of minutes, but if you can’t reproduce it in a day, I have no idea what magic luck you have.

Expected Results:

The expected behavior is that performance doesn’t sharply degrade over time, and that rendering doesn’t slow down or stop, and iexplore.exe processes don’t grow without bound, or get in a loop consuming 25% of CPU while failing to render a page.

Actual Results:

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