MSEdge.Win10.VirtualBox error

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jason g.
Jul 28, 2018
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Steps to reproduce

Have been trying to unzip this file which i downloaded 5 times from the following link : “” Please check the error in the attached image below.


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  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Steven K.”

  • Hi Jason,

    Will you try extracting it using WinZip?  I.e. right click the zip file and select 'Extract All…’.

    Here are the hashes I calculated on the current version on the site right now:

    Size: 4569979047 bytes (4358 MiB)
    CRC32: 42C218BB
    SHA1: C376C1112F6A1A48E9F0A1D95C48FD94EE9A5A29
    SHA256: 36C13632CC9769373262BF041F2A81CC2CBBB0417EBFD965A2BC5A3C7F4E38E7


  • tried with Winzip. Still no success. I’m using Winzip 22.5(13145)

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Status to “Site Outreach”

  • I get the same error, tried with winrar, 7zip and nothing, they always give me that 1 error, pls help I’m really trying to get into this win10 virtualbox

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