touch controls do not function correctly

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Benj S.
Sep 9, 2018
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

visit and enter a stream. attempt to access the on screen controls such as setting icon, time selector. They will not respond to touch correctly. this does not occur on chrome or Firefox.


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “Not reproducible”

    • Hi Benj - I was not able to reproduce the issues you are experiencing on  I used RS5 builds available through the Windows Insider Program and using a Lenovo X1 Carbon the controls worked as expected with touch.  (Settings, Users in Chat, and in video Settings, CC, etc)  

      Please feel free to reactivate if you are able to reproduce on newer builds.  Thanks! 

    • Thanks for looking into this. I’m not on RS5, but will wait to re-test it when it comes out soon.

    • I tested this on the latest RS5 (17758.1) on a Surface Pro 2017 and it is not fixed. I am attaching a video showing the way touch works on It shows a comparison of both Edge and Chrome. In Edge the controls will pop up and then immediately go away. In Chrome they will pop up and stay there. This only happens with touch input (the touchpad/mouse work fine with either). This isn’t a new problem–I saw it years ago on my Surface 3 in Edge also. It is one of the biggest pain point in using Edge I still encounter regularly. My work-around is to use the mouse pointer OSD pop-up.

    • And…I don’t see any way to add an attachment to an already open issue, so I will make a new issue instead :( with the attachment.

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