Full-screen scrollbar issue on YouTube

Issue #18974098 • Assigned to Scott L.


James P.
Sep 12, 2018
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

The new full-screen mode in YouTube, where you can scroll down to view related videos, doesn’t seem to work properly in Edge as the scrollbar remains visible. I can reproduce this on two machines.


Comments and activity

  • Hi James -

    Would you be able to attach a screenshot of the full screen YouTube issue?  I’m not able to reproduce on a couple of our testing machines.  Also, can you share what version of Windows 10 you are using?  
    Type Windows + r, "winver".   For example: "Version 1703 (OS Build 17134.228)"

  • Notice the right bar. Literally every windows 10 machine I own does this, and does this on every video on youtube. Screenshot was taken with Windows Version 1803 (OS Build 17134.285). Windows 10 Home. Nvidia gtx 1060 video card, 4k monitor, i7 7700 CPU.


  • Same here!

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Scott L.”

  • I have the same problem. All the latest updates are installed. Please fix the problem because it looks ugly.

  • Same problem what’s going on with Microsoft?

  • Same problem here, on 4 computers. My wife’s laptop doesn’t behave like this.

  • Same thing with me, aren’t they going to fix this?

  • Please fix this. It draws my attention so bad on my tv that I cannot watch anything or enjoy it. I’m dead serious yes. I have some mild OCD and it drives me absolutely insane. I also have fairly poor vision, so with everything set to larger scale so I can actually read and navigate the screen from my tv, it makes the scroll bar very noticeable. INSANE I tell you!!! LOL.

  • Looks like MS is not addressing this issue.
    I’ll open another ticket and see what happens…

  • I have a feeling MS Edge and the YouTube website don’t work well together. When I play embedded YouTube clips and go full screen on other sites the scroll-bar doesn’t show up - only happens on the YouTube website.

  • Looks like this issue hasn’t been updated by Microsoft going on a month now so I’m not sure if they are even still tracking it but I have this issue too except mine is slightly more annoying because the scroll bar is practically in the middle of the screen when youtube is in full-screen mode.

  • My experience is the same as Josh’s, the scroll bar is present right in the middle no mater what video or sight and defeats the point of watching videos through Edge. Really hope this gets fixed real soon.

  • same youtube problem its very annoying, as well as the navigation bar in Netflix keeps popping up, I stopped using edge until they fix this.

  • I have the same issue for a few days now. I love edge as a browser, but this is unbearable.
    Windows 10 Pro 1803
    GeForce 1060 6GB
    Intel I5 3570K

  • Same issue, for a couple of months and still no patch to fix! I wonder how many people use Edge and go to Youtube… Made me go back to Chrome, well done MS well done

    Win10 Prox64 build 17134

  • Agree, have same issue. Switching back to chrome. EZ Clap.

  • Just today I wanted to give Edge a chance on an older PC and my journey swiftly ended here. This could be a minor issue, but the fact it’s out there for everyone on a huge site like YouTube and nothing’s been done confirms that things are going to be varying degrees of broken across the rest of the Web.

    It’s incredibly sad because despite this silly issue, it’s the only browser capable of 1080p60 playback on this machine (Asus 1201N / NVIDIA ION), while Chrome or Opera need h264ify to even play 720p30.

  • And of course, the overall use experience of starting up, navigating and scrolling websites in Edge is by far the fastest, and absolutely unmatched by other browsers (on this old Atom/ION system anyway). But then you get stuff like this! Just so utterly disappointing :(

  • Seeing this issue on my Surface Pro 6

  • !bump. This needs to be fixed ASAP!

  • I just had this issue to occur with the scrollbar and might have the cause. I was watching youtube in full screen as normal via clicking the full screen button on the youtube video without the scroll bar or any issues. I then happened to select the zoom option under edge’s settings and more options for full screen (press F11). This full screen option appears to differ from the normal one where clicking full screen on the youtube video locks the video to the screen with no scroll bar. It provides edges hidden interface full screen option which continues to display the scroll bar and allows you to scroll down the page. The problem once this option has been used once (this was on a new build Pc and the option had never been previously used) clicking the embedded youtube full screen option seems to default to this same scroll enabled edge full screen mode rather than the expected normal youtube full screen locked view. There appears to be no way to stop this behaviour once the edge full screen option has been used. The edge full screen mode the hides the bars etc. should not replace the embedded youtube full screen action but it seems it does and permanently. You can tell its the edge full screen mode because the scroll option is present, it is actually possible to get the scroll bar to go away temporarily if you go to the top right where the edge full screen mode bar will appear and click minimise then maximise the window again but it will still be in edges rather than youtube’s full screen mode the scroll bar will be every time you select full screen via the youtube bar.

  • I was actually finally able to get the normal behaviour back, the issue persisted through multiple reboots but I think that may have been because an edge window was being restored. After clearing all browsing data and ensuring all edge sessions were closed I do finally have the normal full screen behaviour back.

  • Andrew C. nailed it.

    I was having this issue also and clicked on the "…". If you change the zoom down to 100% it will appear as normal without the scrollbar. Mine was set at 190%. Glad to have that annoying scrollbar out of the picture. If it doesn’t remain gone I will edit my post or post again.

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