"Out of stack space" error when bootstrapping Angular browserAction (44.17763.10)

Issue #19075248 • Assigned to Mahesh J.


Kyle S.
Sep 22, 2018
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Steps to reproduce

Testing our Edge extensions in the latest insider preview builds with Edge 44.17763.10 produces “Out of stack space” errors when trying to open the popup (browserAction) window. The popup is an angular application. This error occurs when that angular application is bootstrapping.

ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): Error: Out of stack space
Error: Out of stack space
   at defaultErrorHandler (ms-browser-extension://MSG_extName___498F3425FF2D46BA888ED109828A066C/popup/vendor.js:34752:5)
   at Anonymous function (ms-browser-extension://MSG_extName___498F3425FF2D46BA888ED109828A066C/popup/vendor.js:35330:21)
   at ZoneDelegate.prototype.invoke (ms-browser-extension://MSG_extName___498F3425FF2D46BA888ED109828A066C/popup/vendor.js:69892:13)
   at onInvoke (ms-browser-extension://MSG_extName___498F3425FF2D46BA888ED109828A066C/popup/vendor.js:4129:17)
   at ZoneDelegate.prototype.invoke (ms-browser-extension://MSG_extName___498F3425FF2D46BA888ED109828A066C/popup/vendor.js:69892:13)
   at Zone.prototype.run (ms-browser-extension://MSG_extName___498F3425FF2D46BA888ED109828A066C/popup/vendor.js:69644:17)
   at Anonymous function (ms-browser-extension://MSG_extName___498F3425FF2D46BA888ED109828A066C/popup/vendor.js:70378:17)
   at ZoneDelegate.prototype.invokeTask (ms-browser-extension://MSG_ext

This error does not occur in the latest stable release of Edge (42.17134.1.0), so this is a fatal bug.

If you care, the extension we are testing is here:


Comments and activity

  • Another thing worth noting:

    This issue only occurs when trying to view the browserAction from the popup window interface (clicking the icon in toolbar).

    If I navigate to the browserAction page directly from a new tab in the browser (ex. ms-browser-extension://MSG_extName___498F3425FF2D46BA888ED109828A066C/popup/index.html), the application loads just fine. No errors.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Mahesh J.”

  • It looks like this is related to Angular routing. If I disable routing in our app and just load a single component, it works. If I enable routing with tracing I can see that the error during the navigation phase. Again, this only occurs in the browserAction popup window and I can see the routing resolve correctly in a full page tab of the same application. See attached screenshots.

  • This regression is now in the production release of Windows 10 1809 / Edge 44.17763.1.0 and has rendered our extension completely broken. There are no known workarounds at this time since Angular apps rely on routing.

  • This needs to be fixed, it broke my password manager (BitWarden).

  • We have pushed an update to our extension to open the popup application in a new window using chrome.windows.create() rather than through the browserAction window. This is the only workaround we have discovered. The workaround results in a degraded user experience with our extension, but at least it is somewhat usable now.

  • The extension opens the window but does not recognize the webpage to get authorized
    (Version Is this the version with the workaround?

  • Is there a minimal example to reproduce the bug?

  • Is there a minimal example to reproduce the bug?

  • Is there a minimal example to reproduce the bug?

  • I have attached a reproducible, minimal example (edge-ext-angular-bug.zip) that uses the Tour of Heroes tutorial from https://angular.io/tutorial .

    Unzip it and run:

    npm i
    npm run build

    Then side load the ./dist directory in Edge.

    Error occurs in browserAction window, however, you can navigate to ms-browser-extension://Test_922F70BF1EDB480188811906143B1149/index.html (or whatever your extensions URL is) in a full screen tab and it works.

  • Do you have a clue if it is reproducible using a few lines of vanilla Javascript?

  • I don’t know any other way to reproduce the problem other than through an Angular application with routing enabled.

  • You can also reproduce this in our extension, which you can compile from source here: https://github.com/bitwarden/browser

    You’ll need to remove the workaround that opens the extension to a new window rather than the browserAction from ./src/popup/main.ts, here: https://github.com/bitwarden/browser/blob/master/src/popup/main.ts#L16

  • my bitwarden too not working, please fix it (havent problem on chrome & firefox.)
    i want use edge, but edge dont want this :)

  • Microsoft fix this bug please. It makes extensions like Bitwarden unusable.

  • Needs to be fixed ASAP!

  • Having similar issue as @Martin P., switched to Firefox Nightly for the time being.

  • Actually, using Bitwarden experimental Autofill feature on page load is a great workaround. I would warn though to pay close attention to which field of the page is being populated.

  • I would use caution on Autofill, I believe, some malicious scripts wouldn’t even need you to submit to steal creds. I believe it was advised to not use the feature. :S

  • @Matt P. Thanks for the heads up, in fact, using Autofill feature is not as reliable as one would expect anyway. The performance issues aside, searching for you login completely ruins ease-of-use methodology. I really wanted to use Microsoft Edge with Bookmarking syncing system between browsers/OS as a daily driver. Once again, ticks another list item why I’m not motivated to using Edge. I use a lot different browsers for different purposes.

  • Please fix this

  • Not even single reply from Microsoft Team for around 1.5+ months.
    P - Professionalism.
    Guys, are you even mind, that this bug is SUPER CRITICAL???
    People will get 1809 update (already did some of them) and will face the problem when will try to open their loved extension which will be opened in new separate window and will totally break whole logic of the extension.

    Do you even understand how big negative sides and how many walls of text, angry, and fair reports you will get???

    Drop all what you can to drop, and add the fix to the Edge which will come out the box of Edge, otherwise you will lose SUPER BIG AMOUNT OF USERS of Edge.

    This bug must be fixed ASAP.

  • Microsoft needs to follow-up on this report… No official response is a big slap in the face to end users.

  • This is really getting ridiculous. I, too, share other users growing frustration over this. So long and no signs of fix and even single and simple acknowledgment.

    Not everyone is ready to mess around with extension to force it to work.

  • So I tried to give Edge a go. It is after all what we recommend to our users. Unfortunately this is a deal breaker for me.

    Let me know if this is ever fixed, because it feels like Edge could be a great browser if not for this.

  • I tweeted at various Microsoft and Edge accounts and begged them to respond to this thread. link to tweet They told me to sit tight and await a developer response. So that’s not uber hopeful, but I hope at some point this gets bumped up the buglist.

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