Internet Explorer 11 - Tooltip Issue for dropdownlist

Won’t fix Issue #19334685


Perfect L.
Oct 18, 2018
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  • Internet Explorer
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Steps to reproduce

Currently, I’d faced the issue with tool-tip for select option as the example below.,output

Steps to reproduce:

  • Click on Select to open Option list.
  • Hover to an Option and the tool-tip shows correctly.
  • Click on scrollbar of Select
  • Hover to an Option again and then the tool-tip shows incorrectly (currently it shows below the Select.

Can anyone help me to fix the issue?


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “Won’t fix”

    • Hi!

      This issue has been resolved as “Won’t Fix” because we have made a decision to scope bug fixing on the current Internet Explorer product to critical security and reliability issues, and the minimum necessary to service in-market customers.​


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