In WP 8.1.1, in IE 11 when downloaded song save like weird name 14%20-Rockstar-%......., instead of song_name.mp3

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Mar 10, 2015
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

open in IE 11 on WP 8.1.1. %20The%20Meeting%20Place%20[www.DJMaza.Com].mp3

song will download like 14%20-%20Rockstar%20- %20The%20Meeting%20Place%20[www.DJMaza.Com] in SD card. u can check it in files app.
Instead song must download like The Meeting Place.mp3 in Music folder.
so this is biggest bug in IE 11 on WP 8.1.1.

Expected Results:

Any downloadable content like image,song,video etc must save by their proper name not by some strange name.
Also downloaded content must open by their respective app like downloaded song must recognise and opened in music app etc.

Actual Results:

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