Webvtt positioned closed captioned text

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Kiran C.
Nov 29, 2018
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Steps to reproduce

Is webvtt positioning supported yet on Edge or IE ? Looks like all the position styling are being ignored. Please advise.

Below are the caption data which is works perfect on Chrome & Firefox.

Hey there

00:47:05.826 --> 00:47:06.952 align:middle line:95%,end
how are you

00:47:13.375 --> 00:47:14.543 align:middle line:95%,end
This should be fine

00:47:25.554 --> 00:47:27.389 align:middle line:95%,end
He told me to

00:47:27.764 --> 00:47:29.683 align:middle line:95%,end
No no no

00:47:32.311 --> 00:47:32.978 align:middle line:95%,end
I don’t know him

00:47:41.820 --> 00:47:44.323 align:start position:5% line:80%,end
again testing
<i>should be in italics</i>


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