Edge crashes when using certain Search boxes in High Contrast mode Windows 10 1809

Issue #19841362 • Assigned to Melanie R.


Michael E.
Dec 5, 2018
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Edge crashes when using certain Search boxes in High Contrast mode Windows 10 1809, this happens on different computers only when in High Contrast
Example Website: http://www.classification.gov.au/Pages/Home.aspx


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Veerabhadra r.”

    • Hi Michael, thanks for reporting your feedback. We tested it and cannot reproduce this issue. Could you please share more details such as screenshots or related things if any?  Are you seeing this issue on other browsers? Additional information may help us to investigate further and reproduce this issue.

      The MS Edge Team.

    • Edge browser crashes when I try to write into search boxes on some torrent sites, or three seconds after I click into a search box.

    • sorry for the late reply I didn’t get the email for this until today.
      anyway it happens when i’m in High Contrast and trying to use certain search boxes or text entry fields its not all of them only some of them the link I gave at the top is one wensite this happens to, this does not happen in other browsers what information do you need?
      I can get this happening on different computers that are running Windows 10 1809 Pro or Home

    • I also have windows 10 1809 (updated on 11th December) and high contrast settings.
      On the link you provided my Edge doesn’t crash although. It crashes here: https://forum.mobilism.org/index.php

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Melanie R.”

    • Hi there

      I’ve got the same problem. This problem doos not occur when I’m using Internet Explorer. I can reproduce this bug when I’m trying to enter a email adress on the following page:

      Please fix this problem, because it is really annoying.


    • Same problem for me win 10 1809 crashes in high contrast mode when trying to create Microsoft account or reset password on Microsoft account. Stops people from being able to purchase stuff from microsoft store, which is what I was desperately trying to do…

    • I have this problem too. I am severely visually impaired and need high contrast to access the web. I also prefer to use Edge as its touch and high contrast support is much better than other browsers.

      Please, please fix this Microsoft. This still exists in the May 2019 update on all my devices too. It has killed my workflow, including the work I do at Microsoft for Startups.

      As said before, it does not occur on all text fields, but when it does, it closes the whole browser and I have to start again. It almost becomes a guessing game and I get worried everytime I click a text box.

    • I’m sad to see a complete lack of attention to this issue from Microsoft. This is happening to me too, and when I came looking for an answer I found none.

      When using Microsoft Edge in High Contrast, my browser randomly crashes to desktop when clicking into search and other form fields. http://www.accessiblegames.biz is one example, but there are many others.

      There’s nothing to screenshot, because it just crashes and closes. It doesn’t freeze or hang, it’s just gone. If there’s a log file somewhere I’d be happy to provide it, but I don’t know where a log for this would be. Can someone from Microsoft please provide some insight?

      All ic an say is that I didn’t realize this was specifically a high contrast mode issues. There are times where it’s possible for me to toggle back to regular mode and I’ll give that a shot for this job application I’m trying to submit, but switching on and off just to enter text into a search field somewhere doesn’t seem like a great workaround.

      Please, Microsoft. There are now several reports of this issue. Can you at leat assign someone to investigate further? Trying once to reproduce the issue and then quitting isn’t doing any favors to anyone, and I know MS cares a lot about accessibility.

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