My Xbox One X struggling on Recent Youtube 4K Videos (UPDATED)

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Jan 23, 2019
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I have my first Xbox ever for about 1 month and im already havings issues with it . My Xbox one X while playing some 4k videos on Youtube app randomly freezes the picture in the video and keep it grey or greenish for a few secs while audio keep playing . I have been trying a few videos and looks like the 4k videos that do this are recent the oldest video that i had the freezing issue was uploaded 4 weeks ago . This freezing issue is very anoying . Im looking for solution , theres anybody else having this issue ? Is my Xbox one X faulty ?

UPDATE 1 : I can say the Xbox one X is struggling reason why if go to advance settings in a video on youtube APP and wait the freeze grey /green screen happean i see on dropped frames go up 100 to 500 dropped frames (depending for how long the video freeze) .

UPDATE 2 : I already thinked about a possivle bug on youtube app on xbox one x so i had a ideia of downloading 1 youtube video on my computer , copy to my external HDD NTFS and run it via media player app . First time i run it didnt freeze a single time during the entire video (video 4 min long) then i run other VIDEO (a old 4k video that allways worked fine) after that i run the downloaded video again but this time it freeze like it does on youtube app . This prove the Xbox one X is having a hard time rendering the video and is nothing wrong with the youtube app it does the same on media player via USB .

UPDATE 3: 3 days ago i try run it again on media player via USB but for my suprise i was able to run it 3 times (2 in a row) without a single freeze . It seems the Xbox One X struggles less on Media player .

UPDATE 4 : I power cycle once a day my xbox one x , i really need that ppl let me know if this happean on their Xbox one X aswell , only that way i can know if my Xbox One X is factory defected . Once again old 4k videos before decembre 7 2018 work fine .

UPDATE 5 : So today i tried watch a 4k video on microsoft edge (not from youtube btw) 5 secs in the video and half of the video turn solid green then i lower res. down to 1080p video start working fine . Then i research on google and find ppl comenting about the Xbox one X and S having solid green screen while reproduce 4k videos on microsoft edge . So i download the video on my computer copy to USB and run it via media player, no green screen here but the video stutters alot with pixelation and a few secs after the console stop the video with a message (Can’t play.This aplication need to be Restarted 0xc00d11c6 (0x800700e) ) .

So i restart the console instead , run video again still having lots of stuttering and pixelation but this time console give me the same error after 2 minutes . This the most powerfull game console that struggles with 4k videos ? really microsoft ? what a disappointment …


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    • i am seeing the same sort of issue. it almost seems like the video signal isn’t being sent properly from the xbox

    • I have the same issue and this is the only thread I see taking about it. Too bad it is on the wrong forum I guess. Some update did this. I stunt know if it was the xbox or the app. It needs to be fixed though.

    • I’ve been experiencing this issue for 3 months now.

    • Has anyone reported this in the correct forum? I’m having the same issue.

    • My YouTube app is doing this also. I don’t use the edge browser because of how clunky it is to use. My YouTube app started doing this a week or so ago. I don’t care what section this got posted in, what’s the fix for this? No issues with games or movies just YouTube. Green bars, white squares, sound keeps playing. I use YouTube daily so I would like a fix asap.

    • This has been going on quite a while on my X1X on youtube. Sometimes just quitting the video with B then restarting it (A). works wonders, saying that tho it needs to be fixed, Soon.

    • Yep having this as well. I’ve had to set my TV to 1080p instead of 4k to make it stop… really annoying. Shame I can’t just keep the YouTube app on 1080p and keep the rest of the xbox on 4k. What is more annoying is there is no where else talking about this issue and Microsoft probably won’t fix it as it doesn’t seem to be a widespread thing.

    • Same thing has been happening to me .Tryed a restart.please Microsoft fix

    • I have the same issue even watching in HD and its getting annoying! If I watch videos on other platforms such as Amazon or Netflix I dont have issues it seems to just be YouTube!

    • I have this exact same problem with the YouTube app

    • Having this same problem for about 4 months. Green,purple,and grey pixelation with audio continuing while video stays frozen for a few moments. Thought it was just a problem with videos on YouTube till I went over and watched the same videos on my PC and had no problem. It is very irritating. I could watch these videos from my TV’s YouTube app no problem but I like listening through my headset connected to Xbox. Microsoft fix this please.

    • Having same issues. Picture freezes with either lines going through it or purple or green graphics in screen. Then goes back to normal after few seconds. Also on Xbox One X.

    • Same issue. Grey, Purple, and Green screens with lines and pixelated dots/boxes. I thought my ISP was throttling my feed but nope it’s a Microsoft technical glitch with a long history and no solution. At least I know that much now.

    • Same issue, greens and grays and pause, for my one x this only started 3 weeks ago. Some videos more than others. Just relieved I’m not alone hopefully a fix is possible

    • I know this isn’t the correct forum, but it is the only place I have found anyone talking about it. It is driving me crazy. I thought it was the 4K, thanks for verifying.

    • I’ve only experienced the issue in YouTube app. I had it happen one time at the end of a video and the little boxes for in video links rendered perfectly on top of the purple/green/grey color vomit. Not sure what to make of that, but it almost seems like an encoding or rendering issue of some sort.

      It’s super annoying.

    • I am experiencing the same issue. Has Microsoft addressed this bug? I’m surprised at the lack of support. Unacceptable.

    • Same here. I was hoping for an easy fix but nothing that commonly solved similar problems has worked for me.

    • I have the same issue, starting just this week I thought that the problem was because I just connected it to the Samsung tv thought my new soundbar but now I see its a YouTube problema I hope we have it fixed soon at the beggining it was something random but for some videos it’s unbeareable

    • After trying a few suggestions I found one that has finally worked for me.

      If you are still having issues after a power cycling I would recommend going to Settings>Display & sound>Video output>Video Modes. When you get there un-check all options you see except for “Allow 4K” and “Allow HDR10” or “Allow Dolby Vision” you can leave those check marked if available.

      Make sure you un-check "allow 50Hz", “Allow 24hz", and “Allow YCC 4:2:2” un-check all of these if they are check marked. We may be able to better assist you if we know your TV or monitor model.”

    • I’ve been experiencing the same issues, I really hope Microsoft puts someone on this issue because it seems like us users are having to do the testing instead of it getting fixed by a dev.

    • I’ve been having the same issue for a while now too, originally thinking it was my HDMI so I swapped it out, same issue, happens on Netflix /YouTube

    • I haven’t used my Xbox One X for a while now and now I started using it again and wanted to watch YouTube videos on it more often, but I noticed these video stutters after like 1-2 minutes the screen freezes and turns green or grey but the audio keeps playing, it’s very annoying and I didn’t had problems with this before a while back. I don’t have a problem with this while playing video games, it only happens when playing YouTube videos. I thought restarting my console would fix this problem, but I am still experience the same problem. And it seems I am not the only one with this problem. I hope Microsoft can fix this problem very soon!

    • I’ve been experiencing the same issues for while, please fix this!

    • Come on Microsoft this is getting worst now on my Xbox! What are you doing about it? Abit of a F*$¥£#G joke now! Every 10 second my YouTube picture freezes on a pixelated screen! And litrally you haven’t even bothered to help people! Is this really the attitude you have towards your users?

    • I tried Chris S. suggestion but it didn’t fix the problem. Sounds like this is a YouTube issue as my brother is reporting it on his PS4 and his Roku as well, but YouTube isn’t acknowledging it anywhere (I spoke with them on Twitter about it) I’m not sure what else we can do.

    • guy, i found a solution… after being annoyed by this I bought an NVIDIA Shield. I now use that for all my streaming needs. Plex runs on it sooo much faster as well. Sorry Microsoft, I gave you a chance here but no action. The XBox is now mostly a gaming console…

    • I’m going to look into the Nvidia shield if the solution Chris S. shared doesn’t work.

    • Update: Chris S settings and reinstalling didn’t fix it. Going to try using another device for my YouTube watching.

    • I’ve been having this problem for months but tonite I messed about with it and now it’s working. When im watching a vid on youtube while its playing press A, go to the 3 vertical dots (more) then change video quality from auto to 1080p and then B to go back. No more problems. But that’s only on YouTube, not sure about edge or on 4k DVDs sorry

    • Have been experiencing this problem for months. MONTHS! I have a launch Xbox One X (Scorpio) Have tried swapping cables multiple times. Power cycling. App uninstall and reinstall. Was considering replacing my Av receiver, but now that I know it’s an actual issue, I will hold off on that.

      Microsoft, please fix this problem on your premium product.

    • Commenting to confirm same issue with Xbox one x. On YouTube videos it suddenly stalls several times. After reading comments, it’s probably true it’s on 4k videos. No solutions have worked yet.

      Microsoft, please solve this.

    • Oh yes this has been happening to me as well sadly and it’s always to do with gaming videos I’ve never had this issue occurring on say GMM this issue not only includes with gaming videos but 1080p and 4k gaming videos hopefully I don’t need to replace my Xbox one x

    • I have been having the same problems, and that is what brought me here. I have tried Stephen A’s suggestion, and so far it works.

    • I have the same issue, tried a new HDMI Cable, another HDMI Port on my TV but now I know it’s a YouTube-app Problem. Please fix this Microsoft! It’s so annoying that the only thing a xbox one x can do is Multimedia, now even this doesn’t work properly anymore.
      It is exactly how you guys discribed it: Stutters on 4K high FPS Videos in a green, grey and pink color.
      Hope it gets fixed soon…

    • Bump. Confirming gray/green issue while streaming also.

    • Please fix this!

    • I also have this issue! For about 3 months now and it is only getting worst. I have tried all available methods to fix this and it is not working! MICROSOFT/YOUTUBE PLEASE FIX THIS APP!!!

      I recently spent the better part of $4,000 on my Xbox One X and 4K TV so that I wouldn’t have to deal with problems like these. I am very disappointed that they have not already addressed this issue.

    • ADMIN: Please move this thread to xbox support OR someone please start a thread in the applicable spot. THANK YOU!

    • Why? Y’all but hurt about this problem just go on internet explorer you won’t have to worry about the bull shit I’m staying off youtube I mean what did you all expect from Microsoft there making the xbox sad edition version that is ritually a xbox one s with out a penis basically why would anyone buy a console without a disc drive you won’t get to play blue ray movies and movies and what if you wanna Barrow a game from a friend it’s a pointless console I mean I could see why they would do it with the xbox one x but they weren’t that smart enough for that shit but maybe the sadness of the console is effective to xbox one x players and once Microsoft releases they fucked up because the console they created was a female and because it had no disk drive they will find out the xbox one x was fucking the xbox one sad Edition and they will lower the xbox one x sex drive and then will create the xboxone x slim to resolve the issue.

    • yeah this is bullshit i upgrade to an xbox one x then just outta know where the video freezes happen but audio stays pretty fucked up.

    • nick l shut up that has shit to do with this problem with youtube and xbox one x

    • I have found the solution: go into your xbox settings and disable the allow YCC 4:2:2" setting as its allowing the youtube app to change how its sending the video feed resulting in the signal getting messed up. In the end the problem isn’t with the xbox but actually with the youtube app itself and how the app sends and receives data.

    • now shut up and stop insulting microsoft about their console when the issue isnt even with microsoft but rather with the makers of youtube and all the youtube apps

    • Ycc422 does not fixed the problem. Neither does setting to 1080. Spoke to Microsoft tech support. They deny any issue whatsever. They never heard of it. Said to contact Goole as they are the owner of YouTube and it must be their app. No help what so ever. Made me feel like the issue was only with me. Glad to hear so many others with the problem. Was beginning to think my Xbox one x was bad.

    • Yeah there’s no way I’ve found that’s actually worked I’ve just been useing internet explorer for YouTube its sloppy but it gets the job done and it won’t effect some xbox one x players yet I heard from someone that experienced this back in 2018 more in more will get this problem but in the time being Microsoft won’t know anything about the issue because it hasn’t spreaded yet. In sorry if y’all were looking for a solution. I YouTubed this and can’t find one and researched it as well it hasn’t affected alot of people yet but time will tell or shit maybe in the next update which will take who knows how long I know it has nothing to do with Microsoft but YouTube altogether but I wouldn’t know what to tell you guys I mean it is a very powerful console I would suggest getting ahold of youtube some how.

    • Hello, did anyone find a way to fix this issue? Been dealing with it a while now and tried all the fixes suggeted, but non have worked. Thanks.

    • /md # Same issue started occurring a few months ago. Please address!

    • Bought an xbox one x about a month ago and this same issue has been happening the whole time.

    • There is a post elsewhere…

      Upvote, maybe this will get there fingers out their collected asses.

    • Upvoted and commented. I pay for YouTube and would like to have my paid product work.

    • I have been using my YouTube app on my Xbox One S for over a year and I just started having this same problem about a month ago, MICROSOFT NEEDS TO FIX THIS ISSUE!!

    • Having the same issue only when using YouTube app

    • I too am having the same issue, but it only started about a month ago. I also noticed it’s not all 4k videos, I can go into say the nature 4k videos and they run perfectly. But if i go to channels that are controversial, like say secureteam10, or Americano. that is when it seems to happen a lot almost to the point these video’s are unwatchable. So is this actually an xbox 1x issue ? or is it a new algorithm from YouTube that is causing this ?

    • If you look at the reviews for the YouTube app in the Microsoft Store there are ti s if the same exact issue reported for quite some time. I can only guess that Microsoft has little interest in addressing the issue as it’s clearly in the app. The YouTube app is poor at best and this glitch makes it awful.

    • I am experiencing the EXACT same problem!

      Uninstalling the You Tube app and reinstalling it did not work.

      I have a pretty elaborate home theater setup. I was about to check all of my receiver’s HDMI connections. That would have been a huge waste of time.

      This problem only happens when I watch You Tube on my XBOX One. All of the other apps work great.

      Glad to hear that I wasn’t alone with this problem.

      Microsoft, please fix this ASAP!

    • Experiencing the same issue here.

      4K videos in the YouTube app freeze showing greenish/grayish/purpleish tearing while the audio still plays fine.

      I really hope this is going to get fixed soon because playing 4K videos is one of the things this console should be the best at and one the reasons why we spent our money on it.


    • I have good news for everyone
      The issue is being looked into i am in the alpha ring of the preview program and it is a known issue and being looked into currently for errors with youtube and Netflix 4k playback i haven’t been experiencing the issue lately at all so it should make it down the update chain to all of you guys too just a heads up

    • That IS good news! Hopefully it’s soon, cause this is very annoying!

    • Sounds promising,mine has been doing it heaps lately🙄

    • Thank the lord! I hope there is a fix or update soon! Thank you

    • Keith, Paul, Douglas, no problem I’ve been in the same boat as you guys it gets really frustrating i saw the known issues yesterday and thought i would give everyone some relief for once because ive been watching this thread for a long time as well wish i could tell you guys how long it would take but i don’t have that info sadly

    • Careful not to jinx it, but it seems like this issue is finally fixed. I haven’t seen it in about a week now! Anyone else clear up now?

    • It seems to have stopped for me too! I was getting so wound up, it was getting worse and worse but thankfully no more!

    • Yes it has stopped for me too…Yah!!

    • Knock on wood (Ouch my head hurts) but, since the update its seems to have been fixed. Please don’t let this take so long if it happens again. Thank you, whoever got it sorted.

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