inline-blocks that contain vertical-align:bottom elements are misaligned

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Mar 20, 2015
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Instead, it should be using “the baseline of its last line box in normal flow”[1], which would only be affected by the vertical-align:bottom elements insofar as their bottoms have to line up with up with the bottom of the line box they’re in, which may push or pull down the baseline of the last line box. Admittedly the spec isn’t blindingly clear about this, but the latest Chrome (39), Safari (7), and Firefox (34), even as old as Firefox 3.5 and Opera 12 (the last to use Presto), all appear to consistently interpret it this way, so at the very least this is an interop bug.

[1]: Second-to-last sentence of Section 10 “Visual formatting model details” of the CSS 2.1 spec:

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