Deployment of IEAK packaged build, via LocalSystem context causes Windows User Profile Service to crash

Won’t fix Issue #212439


May 14, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

deploy the IEAK built package, via LocalSystem context (e.g. ConfigMgr)
restart the PC
logon to the PC with a user account which has never logged onto that PC previously.
UPS crash occurs, the user cannot logon to the PC.



I raised a Premier case for the IEAK-introduced issue. I suspect it is a defect in the CEIP/SQM client-side dll, in that the SQM blob is created in the default user profile, and when the transmission of the blob fails (or is denied due to an authenticating proxy or whatever), the file blob is abandoned, with the ACE/ACL inheritance broken, which leads to the UPS crash. As per my own testing, disabling CEIP in Windows, then performing the IE install (which honors the no-CEIP setting), then reverting the no-CEIP setting, is a barely-acceptable workaround. I’d prefer to see the “defective” SQM/CEIP code fixed thanks.

Expected Results:

UPS should not crash when a “new” user account logs on to the PC

Actual Results:


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