HTML5 FileAPI file input does not support dragging and dropping from Outlook

Won’t fix Issue #212440


May 14, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

Drag an message from Outlook and drop it on a word document. Observe that the file is accepted by word.

Open in Internet Explorer 11, then drag a message from Outlook and then drop it on the blue box. When working correctly, it should acknowledge that files were dropped - instead observe that Internet Explorer 11 reports 0 files were dropped.

Expected Results:

A user should be able to smoothly drag and drop between Microsoft applications, including Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML5 FileAPI ‘drop’ event handler.

Specific use cases our users expect:

  • Drag a message from Outlook and drop it on Internet Explorer.
  • Drag an attachment from Outlook and drop it on Internet Explorer.

Actual Results:


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    • I suspect the title of this report is backward: Outlook dragging and dropping doesn’t support HTML5 FileAPI

    • I am also facing the same issue.
      event.dataTransfer.files javascript not recognizing any files drag and dropped from email attachment

    • this is my first comming on this developer platform so why this issue is tagged WON’T FIX ! is this serious? I open new one allow drag and drop from outlook message to web browser ! my users need this ! why you don’t add this feature old since 4 years on forum !!! I need pay 65k to outlook2web tool to activate this? please be logical ! I already paid office version go ahead!

    • There are other solutions (still payed) but you can check:

    • @jasperh i don’t want pay,

      I pay a licence for outloook why I need pay for this addon this feature is must have nowadays, do microsoft live in my world “web application based” or what world microsoft live ? this is scandalous !!!

    • You may want to look at for a (paid) solution to this problem.

    • So I wonder why others can do it with an AddIn, but Microsoft doesn’t want to do it? In my company it is a huge problem not beeing able do drag&drop from outlook directly to our (internally) web applications based on html5. We pay a lot of money for Enterprise Agreement, Office 365 and varoius User CAL’s and simple drag&drop does not work. Hard to understand…

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