User stylesheet incorrectly applied on the first page load (e.g. Single-Page Pinned WebApps)

Won’t fix Issue #216252


May 15, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

  1. Create or append these lines to your IE’s user stylesheet (IE Options > General tab > Accessibility > User Stylesheet section):

    /* TEST */
    #axze-test-element { opacity: 0.0 !important; height: 14px !important; overflow: hidden !important; cursor: pointer !important; }
    #axze-test-element:hover { opacity: 1.0 !important; height: auto !important; overflow: visible !important; }

  2. Navigate to

  3. Pin the url to your taskbar, close the browser, reopen from the pinned site

  4. Hover the black section of the page (it should turn green but won’t)

  5. Refresh the page, and do step 4 again (this time it will work)

  6. Restart steps 2 to 4 using (step 4 and 5 will work)

Expected Results:

Userstylesheet should apply correctly even for the first page the browser loads. If it doesn’t, like now, this is really annoying for pinned sites for which you stay all the time on the first page that has been loaded.

Actual Results:


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