Win 8.1 IE 11 | IE does not work correctly with TechNet wiki edior. Extra BR's are added

Not reproducible Issue #217019


May 15, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

Repro of the TechNet wiki.

  1. Go to
  2. login 
  3. On the wiki page locate the “post an article” link (right side of the page above the heading popular topics)
  4. Provide a unique title for the page
  5. write some text in the main body of the wiki (note this is where you will see the issue after we click save
  6. Add a tag “test case” should be fine
  7. Click Save.

After the content is saved look at the main wiki content found under the RAD editor. Using the keyboard press the down arrow you will notice
2 additional <br> that were not there before you click saved.

  • You can delete all of the content and test again and you will find that when you use IE as the browser you will always get two extra <br> added
    to the content body.

  • When using Chrome\FF you will not see the extra line breaks .

Expected Results:

When using the wiki edior on technet we should have the same experience as Chrome\FF.
The Extra BR’s were not added by me and break my layout causing more work by me to remove the extra BR.s

Actual Results:

Chrome \ FF do not add extra <br> every time I click save
IE adds extra <BR>s


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