Surface Metro Keyboard Doesn't Popup Using DOM API .focus() After User Dismisses the Keyboard

Won’t fix Issue #217022


May 15, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:


  1. Open in IE11 (Metro) with touch capiablities. (Testing with Surface RT).

  2. Tap on the editable div, rectangle with grey border.

  3. The keyboard will pop-up. Dismiss the keyboard using the dismiss button in the lower righthand corner (Note swiping or focusing away from keyboard does not reproduce the issue).

4. Tap outside the editable div to remove focus.

5. Tap the “Focus Div” button.

  1. DIV gets cursor focus, but the keyboard does not pop up. Clicking on the editable div will bring the keyboard up. Also on initial load of the page if you click the button the keyboard will popup.


Expected Results:


Keyboard should appear when .focus() is called on an editable div element.


Actual Results:



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