GDI Leak / Memory leak if an Object is embedded (Flash / WMV)

Won’t fix Issue #242815


May 23, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

  1. (Re)Start Internet Explorer, open as only tab the HTML file below.
  2. Open Taskmanager, Menu "View", “Select Columns…” and select “GDI Objects”
  3. Look at GDI Objects used
  4. Focus IE, press and hold F5, the page gets fast reloaded, each time the page is reloaded, the GDI handles increases
  5. If yo do such an example enough long, you will reach 10’000 GDI Handles, and then nothing is drawed anymore.
    (The memory usage also increases each time, but this is may the leaked GDI Object)

Example, insert a valid Movie location, if there is no movie the Mediaplayer does not start, and I could not reproduce the leak.
Instead of the Mediaplayer, you can also insert a Flash Animation, it will produce exactly the same behavior.

<!-- Video found in C:\Windows\winsxs\amd64_microsoft-windows-videosamples_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_51a21f033003affd -->
<object id="MediaPlayer" width="800" height="600" type="video/x-ms-asf">
<param name="FileName"value="Wildlife.wmv">
<param name="autostart" value="true">
<param name="ShowControls" value="true">
<param name="ShowStatusBar" value="false">
<param name="ShowDisplay" value="false">
<embed type="application/x-mplayer2" src="Wildlife.wmv" width="800" height="600" ShowControls="1" ShowStatusBar="0" ShowDisplay="0" autostart="1" />

Expected Results:

No Memory Leak, No GDI Object Leak.

Actual Results:


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