Win8.1/IE11 Unable to recover redirect urls after unlocking machine. Tabs with redirected content should recover gracefully on wakeup.

Issue #279864


Jun 3, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

Navigate to some of the following MS URL’s


Leave the browser open with the above tabs loaded.

Take the machine offline by closing your network connection… (I am using a variety of public access network and a mobile dongle modem).

Lock the PC (Windows key+L)

Allow the machine to sleep overnight or for a extended period…

Wake the machine and log-in with your default credentials (the same that you used to log-in)

Connect to your network to open internet access.

watch IE process/recover the previously opened URL’s in tabs.

IE may fail to recover the previously opened urls.

this is only occurring (so far) on some MSDN pages… mostly windows Store apps documentation.

I am located in Australia… this may not occur from other locations (mainland US).


Expected Results:

Tabs containing redirected content should recover gracefully when waking PC.

Actual Results:


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