unescaped non-ASCII characters in URL query being completely broken

Fixed Issue #282815


Jun 4, 2014
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Steps to reproduce

URL = http://twitter.com/share?count=horizontal&original_referer=http://www.aniplexplus.com/itemaFeHnXdN&text=きゃらめにぃ暁美ほむら 黒ワンピースVer.&url=http://www.aniplexplus.com/itemaFeHnXdN&hashtags=アニプラ


Repro Steps:

  1. Copy and paste this link to the browser address bar:
    http://twitter.com/share?count=horizontal&original_referer=http://www.aniplexplus.com/itemaFeHnXdN&text=きゃらめにぃ暁美ほむら 黒ワンピースVer.&url=http://www.aniplexplus.com/itemaFeHnXdN&hashtags=アニプラ
  1. See what tweet the Twitter page shows on IE.
  1. Try on Firefox and Chrome.

Expected Results:

non-ASCII characters should not be broken.

Actual Results:


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