<input> color wrong after DOM relocation and disabled change

Not reproducible Issue #286212


Jun 4, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:


Take a look at this JSfiddle:


Click “Toggle & Move” and compare the color of the text in the two input fields.

Re-run the fiddle, and click “Toggle Disabled” followed by "Toggle & Move"; compare text color again.

Try editing the content of the moved input field, and observe it changed back to the correct color.

Alternatively, toggling “disabled” twice after moving the element will also do this.

So will selecting some of the text inside.

Note that if you change the javascript so that you toggle “disabled” before doing the appendChild() move instead of after, it makes no difference - the bug still occurs.

Expected Results:


The color of the element’s text should always correctly reflect the value of its “disabled” property.

Actual Results:



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