MPEG DASH issues in IE 11

Issue #301356


Jun 9, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

Curiously, if I play the videos in the video tag, they play back just fine. Here are the 3 streams that I am using:

The MP4Box command looks like this:

MP4Box -dash 10000 -profile main -out using.mpd -rap -segment-name dash_using_\$RepresentationID\$ work_sd.mp4#video work_iphone.mp4#video work_hd.mp4#video work_sd.mp4#audio work_iphone.mp4#audio work_hd.mp4#audio

(The resulting mpd file will take some tweaking though.)

Here’s the mpd file and all the segments:

Expected Results:

The same file that works with Chrome should work in IE.

Actual Results:


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