Changing the referred element of a SVGUseElement doesn't change the SVGUseElement

Not reproducible Issue #305720


Jun 10, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

  1. Open

It includes an inline SVG with a SVGUseElement that references the id ‘target’ and a SVGGElement which is set to display: none.
An element with the id ‘target’ does not exist at the beginning.

  1. Click SVG (grey background)

Upon clicking the SVG, a new SVGPathElement with random dimensions and an id attribute of ‘target’ is created and appended to the (invisible) SVGGElement.
Webkit correctly displays the SVGUseElement on the first click.

  1. Click SVG again (grey background)

Upon clicking the SVG another time, the existing SVGPathElement is removed from the DOM and a new, randomly dimensioned one is appended to the (invisible) SVGGElement.
The SVGUseElement does not change.

Expected Results:

SVGUseElement always reflects change of its referred element.

Actual Results:


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